Don't take our Word for it...

“The Valley champion at casting the audience is, of course,  PaintBox Theatre, whose twisted fairy tales press kids and  grownups alike into service as onstage extras, sound-effect-makers and choral readers of projected stage directions.”

~ The Valley Advocate


“On My Summer Wish List – “See all three PaintBox Theatre shows. While I’m at it, whoop it up on PaintBox’s behalf and invite the masses.”

~ Sara Buttenweiser, Parent


“This is the absolute best show I have ever been to. When can we come back?”

~ A Child Overheard in the Lobby


“Rather than presenting an established fantasy to the audience, they invite the audience to create it right along with them. Productions feature plenty of audience participation. Sound effects, narration, a song, and even a few characters will be in the hands and voices of the viewers.”

~ Hampshire Gazette


  “The Montessori School of  Northampton sponsored A  Christmas Carol and were very pleased with the response.”

~ Laura Frogemeni, Marketing Director 


“And my personal favorite, Tom McCabe's PaintBox Theatre in Northampton, performs eye-popping, deconstructions of  favorite stories employing just three actors and constant audience participation.”

~ Chris Rohmann, WFCR

"Conflict of interest? I'm going to review it anyway. Five out of Five Gold Stars! Community engagement! Educational! Great Fun! And I can't get enough of those pirates!"

~ Troy Mercier, PaintBox Actor 

"We love PaintBox!" 

~ Laurel Wider 

"We LOVE PaintBox 

~ Mary C Yun

"I believe I've seen almost every show. They get better each and every time. 

~ Annah Mercier 

"Love PaintBox. Can't wait for this season.

~ Melissa Brown

"Thanks for bringing so much joy to so many kids (and their parents!)."

~ Linda Ziegenbein

"Go PaintBox!" 

~ Richard Curzi

"We love PaintBox!" 

~ Elizabeth Schoenfeld


"Paintbox Theatre presents entertainment for all ages! I love silly fun and this is the best!" 

~ Gail Carlson


"Thanks for bringing Paintbox to the world, Tom!" 

~ Linda Shaugnessey

"We love Paintbox Theatre!" 

~ Linda Ziegenbein

"Thanks for bringing smiles and good will in these troubling times." 

~ Georgiann M Kristek

"We love Paintbox Theatre!" 

~ Linda Ziegenbein

"For Tom and all the joy he brings through PaintBox and as far back as Summer Theatre at MHC! ❤" 

~ Rima Dael

"We've been huge fans since my eldest was old enough to attend a Paintbox production. Now both my kids (and whole family!) are hooked and wouldn't miss a show. Love how Paintbox plays don't only capture my kids' attention but their imaginations, encourage literacy and inspire their own creativity. They're thrilled at the prospect of having their original artwork be part of the shows or even being asked to participate. Glad to support this local gem!" 

~ Erica A​

"Wohlers family loves your shows." 

~ Joseph Wohlers

"From Roger and Donna Salloom-great for children and adults too!" 

~ Donna Salloom

"To Thomas of course!!!! He has contributed to the Valley and the kids of Western Mass for many years. Began by bringing my daughter to his shows at Mt. Holyoke, and am now bringing my granddaughters! A lifetime commitment from Tom has enhanced our lives and our special family times together! Thank you, Thomas. " 

~ Jude McGowan

"I just love Tom McCabe and Paint Box." 

~ Donna L.

"Keep the magic alive!" 

Nancy McCabe

"Tom...Best Wishes for continued success."

~ Jack Neary

"Paintbox to me means the best part of every summer. It means the warmest, kindest, most imaginative community I’ve ever had the pleasure to preform with and for. It means families coming closer together and imaginations taking off. It means introducing children to theatre in a way that’s genuine and accessible, that reveals it to be something that anyone can do, because anyone can play! Never before have I encountered a children’s theatre that cares so genuinely about the children in it’s audience. It’s a room where everyone belongs, where everyone is seen, and where everyone plays together, grows together, sings together, then leaves the theatre a little wiser, a lot goofier, and resoundingly reminded that love is as strong a force in this world as it ever was." 

~Connor Paradis

"I believe in supporting the arts as a vehicle for education. PaintBox is the perfect example that art can be education, education can be fun, and fun is for everyone!"

~Alisha Billias

"I am thrilled to be making my PaintBox debut, bringing with me all the inspiration I get from being both an actor and a nanny. While an audience member at 2017's "Wizard of Oz," I was thrilled to see how kids were encouraged to play along with the show! Not one "shush" was heard! PaintBox audiences are active participants, never bored, enjoying spinning as tornados or blooming as poppies. I can't wait to play with this amazing company of artists, and to share this adventure with some familiar little faces in the audience.

~Emily Bloch