Marcella, by Hannah (age 8)
Sunrise, by Ian (age 5)
Marcella's Bedroom, by Olivia (age 9)
Dog Tracks, by Camilla (age 9)
Raggedy Ann Flying Through The Air, by Sierra (age 9)
Cute Puppy, by Miles (age 5)
A River, by Camilla (age 9)
Fido (a mutt), by Hannah (age 7)
A Huge Doll Fight, by Toby (age 7)
Two Colorful Birds, by Addyson (age 6)
The Pound, by Cora (age 3)
Dog Catcher, by Sofia (age 8)
Painter, by Everest (age 7)
Blue Sky, by Arella (age 9)
Garden, by Wavy (age 7)
Flat Raggedy, by Arella (age 9)
Midnight, by Arella (age 9)
Shy Doll, by Arella (age 9)
Painter's Mamma, by Miles (age 5)
Old Timer, by Arella (age 9)
Marcella's Mom, by Emily (age 16)
Puppy in the Blue Sky, by Saskia (Age 8)
A Field, by Jonah (age 9)
Jim the Painter, by Fern (age 6)
Two Modern Dolls, by Anika (Age 7)
Raggedy Ann, by Hannah (age 8)
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