2018 The Second Annual



July 22nd Noon - 4:00 

Sponsored by Dean's Beans 

Come to our morning ticketed performance of PIRATES! at 10:30 and stay for Pirate Day from Noon to 4:00! Dress like a pirate! Learn to talk like a pirate! Listen to pirate stories! Sing some songs with SnackBread the Pirate! Participate in a treasure hunt spanning downtown Easthampton. Mingle with other like minded pirates, because it's true, EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A PIRATE! 


These are some of the folks who are excited about Pirate Day!


~The Botaniste,

~Small Oven Bakery,

~Luthier's Co-op,

~Mt. Tom's Ice Cream,

~Shark Tank Tattoos,

~Tandem Bagel, 

~Comics and More!

This is one Pirate Day you won't want to miss.


The gale or the shine!