1. Mary Poppins: An old-fashioned young woman, very British, wearing nice but simple clothes with an umbrella and a hat

  2. Jane: An old-fashioned well-dressed British Girl – Third Grader

  3. Michael: An old-fashioned well-dressed British Girl – Fourth Grader

  4. Mrs. Banks: Mom An old-fashioned well- dressed British Mom 

  5. Mr. Banks: Dad An old-fashioned well dressed British Dad- with a Derby hat and brief case

  6. Housekeeper - An old-fashioned British maid/cook  

  7. Sailor next door -  An old-fashioned well dressed Old Guy who used to be a sea captain – Kind of strange

  8. Bert - An old-fashioned British Man – about the age of Mary Poppins. He sells matches on the street, handsome and sweet

  9. Bert - An old fashioned British Man – about the age of Mary Poppins. He also draws pictures with chalk and he is covered with colored chalk.

  10. Three fancy pictures drawn on the sidewalk in chalk. They look like paintings kind of. 

  11. Bert and Mary all dressed up sitting down and having tea in a little restaurant

  12. Miss Persimmon - An old-fashioned British House Keeper

  13. Uncle Wigg - An old fashioned well-dressed British Guy – kind of old, a little plump, definitely strange

  14. Bus driver - An old fashioned British Kind 

  15. Mrs. Lark - An old fashioned very well-dressed retired British lady maybe wearing a hat – might like the color pink

  16. Andrew – An old-fashioned well-groomed British Dog – could be wearing a blue ribbon around his neck. Small but a champion

  17. Dog – the exact opposite of Andrew, a mutt – mangy, messy, dirty and very very happy.

  18. The house on Cherry Hill Lane – An old-fashioned very large house. Maybe a little falling down but wonderful and maybe a little magical

  19. A Parrot head umbrella – an umbrella with a parrot head on the handle. Lots of color.

  20. Red Cow – a beautiful red cow.

  21. The Red Cow Dancing

22. The little red cow – the red cow’s calf

23. The King - An old fashioned very well-dressed King sitting and            wearing a crown

24. The Royal Advisor - An old fashioned very well-dressed smart guy    


25. A compass – old fashioned with an arrow and North, South, East

    and West

26. A panda


27. A macaw

28. A polar bear 

29. A dolphin

30. Bird Woman – an Old woman sitting, dressed in a bundle of dark

    clothes, head in a dark scarf, feeding birds and covered with birds.

31. A lot of old fashioned birds each bread crumbs off the ground.
32. St. Paul’s Cathedral – An old fashioned very fancy stone cathedral –

    huge church 

33. A butcher – round guy, a little strange wearing and apron

34. A fish seller – a skinny guy – a little strange – wearing and apron

35. A fancy candy store and bakery – the outside very fancy

36. Miss Fannie A round young woman – Annie’s sister

37. Miss Annie -A round young woman – Frannie’s sister

38. Mrs. Corry – an ancient, ancient old lady dressed in fancy old lady

    clothes BUT Mrs. Corry is made of candy

39. A paper star – very fancy

40. Mary Poppins and her umbrella flying through the air.

41. A weather vane pointed North

42. A weather vane pointed South


43. The gateway to the London Zoo – Very fancy

44. A bear in a matching hat and vest – a ticket taker

45. The full moon – looks pretty happy

46. A talking snake – maybe a python

47. A dancing star in a little dress, dancing

48. The outside of an old-fashioned department store at night –  Lots

    of windows, lots of light

49. The inside of an old-fashioned department store – huge, lots of toys

50. A picture in a frame of Marry Poppins