Pirate Crew, by Evan (age 10)
Deck of Pirate Ship, by Lukas (age 9)
Bucket and Shovel, by Jessie (age 8)
Dad, by Kayla (age 5)
Flying Fish, by Harvey (age 3)
Map of Neighborhood, by Sammy (age 8)
Mom, by Frances (age 7)
Pirate Max, by Gram (age 4)
Pirate Pierre, by Addison (age 7)
Parents Yelling on Sidelines, by Erik (age 8)
Pirate Scurvy Dog, by Hana (age 9)
Pirate Swill, by Jacob (age5)
Pirate Seymour
Pirates on Rowboat, by Sierra (age 10)
Pirate Sharktooth, by Charlotte (age 7)
Sandcastle, by Kolbie (age 7)
Treasure Map, by Lillian (age 4.5)
Ship, by Annie (age 6)
BraidBeard, by Clare (age 8)
Soccer Ball, by Joseph (age 7)
Shovel, by Jack (age 8)
Beach, by Sofia (age 9)
Skull and Crossbones, by Matt (age 10)
Storm, by Hannah (age 8)
Bar of Soap, by Ava (age 3.5)
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