We bring traditional stories and well-known picture books to life. Sometimes when working with traditional stories, our re-shaping of them leads to somewhat radical adaptations. Traditionally each show features three professional PaintBox performers and the audience. 


The audience is always part of the show. We draft people to play speaking roles, and walk on parts, while at times, the audience as a whole, serves as the narrator. As a way to encourage reading, throughout the show we project messages onto a projection screen hanging above our stage. If the message is in yellow, the whole audience, serving as the group narrator, has to read the words out loud. If the message is in red, the whole audience has to do as they are instructed. 


Improvisation plays a big part of our performance style. How much? It’s impossible to tell. The unique paring of performers yields exciting possibilities of humor and action.  


And instead of creating elaborate scenery, we ask audience members to paint pictures. Those too are projected on our screen over the stage. Our artists range from 3 to 83 years old.


Yearly highlights include:

  • three productions each summer for families and camp groups

  • school year performances for schools and families at The Eric Carle   Museum and the SHEA Theatre in Turners Falls

  • a holiday performance each December called THE SANTA SHOW

  • a Fall festival in Easthampton, where we transform the city for one day into a tropical isle and celebrate Pirate Day, because after all, we know that deep down inside, everybody wants to be a pirate!