Rene Pfister

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Rene Pfister

A man of musical talent & Resident Composer

Rene's musical work has been featured in PainBox's seasons throughout the years. As a performer, director, pianist, violinist, and children’s theater writer, Rene Pfister has produced over 300 original songs and 32 musicals and cabarets in his 30 years of work.


Since goining to Berklee, Pfister has created a number of new musical theater initiatives in addition to strengthening existing programs. In 2015, he created the Musical Theater for Young Audiences Program, which reaches out to Boston Public Schools and family audiences with a new, original musical each year. In 2016, Pfister directed three sold-out performances of In the Heights, a first for the Berklee musical theater community. In 2017, he helped to create the musical theater performance minor, with classes from the musical theater programs at both Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Pfister studied nonviolence in India and on the Lakota reservations in South Dakota. In addition to being a member of the diversity council, he has worked on a number of initiatives for increasing diversity awareness at Berklee. He has also performed and taught internationally in Europe, China, Africa, and India. Pfister is currently working on a new global program called Broadway around the World, which will have partners in China and Africa. In fall of 2017, he was an ambassador for Berklee and adjudicator for the Valeria Lynch 2017 Music Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina.